What’s gonna be hot in 2013?

So what does 2013 have in store for us? well in this piece I’m going to outline what i believe you’ll start to see in gardens being designed during this year; I’ll include some of the hard landscaping elements, some of the trends that you can expect  and also some the plants that i think will making waves through this years garden shows. A recent article in the January’s edition of Gardens Illustrated poses the same question to some rather famous garden designers; the likes of Andy Sturgeon, Bunny Guinness and Cleve West were all asked to provide what they though 2013 would bring. They all seem to agree that sustainability is going to be a big thing for this year, sourcing local materials for hard landscaping rather than opting for

“carbon producing imported stone” (Sturgeon, 2013).

And I tend to agree, i think that there is something to be said for a garden that can say this is all locally sourced or as damn near it as it can be! I also think that Cleve West makes a point in the same article, he reckons that;

“people are at last thinking less about trends and, instead, playing to a gardens strengths to improve it.” (West, 2013)

Which, although interesting, I’m a little unconvinced,  isn’t that surely something all gardeners, whether a professional designer or not would do anyway? I know that there are certain things that can be seen as ‘fashionably’ but I think that in order for a garden to be a success, it must play on its strengths and accentuate these otherwise it just looks ridiculous, and doesn’t sit neatly in its surroundings. So I’m not too sure whether i agree that this is something new – maybe it is and I’ve just missed it!

Bunny Guinness hits the nail on the head for me, she states that;

“gardens are working harder and providing more” (Guinness, 2013)

Which i completely agree with, the last few clients that i have worked with have all wanted to have an area to grow their produce; whether that’s a vegetable patch, herb garden or fruit and nut trees people seem to moving towards the garden becoming not only a ‘room outdoors’ but also a functional productive space, I’ve even had requests to have more obscure outside catering facilities like; pizza ovens and smoke houses.

When thinking about planting and the potential trends for 2013, i think that the focus will be on going back to basics, so in other words i reckon you can expect to see less ‘exotic’ species and more of a drive on the foliage based specimens, people will looking to invest in plants that have a longer term impact and not so much on getting a quick fix. One thing that i am sure you will see is the revival of the hot border (see previous blog post https://want2garden.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/plants-for-a-hot-border/) pinks, oranges, reds will all be the craze this summer.

So a quick summary of what’s hot and what’s not!

  1. Functionality, and Productivity of the space.
  2. Locally sourced materials.
  3. Hot colours throughout, but don’t over do it make a statement subtly.
  4. Play to the gardens strengths.
  5. Foliage! Foliage and more Foliage!

And what’s not…

  1. Exotic species 
  2. Pastel shades
  3. Imported stones
  4. Bulky garden furniture
  5. Flimsy, wishy-washy cottage flowers!

Now, I’m not saying that these things can’t be used, as they are beautifully in their own right, but they must be used appropriately – flimsy cottage flowers and exotics have their place just use carefully!

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