Things to do in….March

I sometimes think, especially when you aren’t a confident gardener, that you can look out your window onto your garden and feel somewhat disheartened at the sight that lays before you. It is often very difficult to understand where to start when faced with a garden that has not been touched since the start of autumn. Well I thought that I would try and lessen this burden by providing you with a check list coming month that should help brighten your garden and give you something that can fill anywhere from half an hour to a whole spring.

  • Apply residual weed killer to paths and gravelled areas now to prevent weeds from developing – remember do it when we have a dry few days.
  • Good fun thing to do with the kids – do a snail hunt! Getting the snails at this time of the year will prevent them from breeding and spreading saving you time later.
  • Lift and divide any perennials. This will mean you can spread them out get them distributed more evenly.
  • Prune hard for new growth, many hardy shrubs can be pruned heavily each year. It will promote strong shoots and great foliage.
  • Now is the time to start to plan your borders and get planting out ready for the summer display. (check out my previous blog on hot borders here
  • Apply fertiliser around the base of shrubs in particular any roses you have!
  • Prepare the soil where you intend to grow hardy annuals next month.

If you have any gardening, planting or design question/problems that you would like me to answer please feel free to email me on…… and I will be more than happy to get back to you, and you never know we may well include it in my next blog!

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