How to brighten up a sunny spot!

This planting plan is all about giving you ideas and inspiration for really sunny and parched locations in your garden. The plants that i have included are here because they will cope well in a sunny location, but its important to remember its best to plant them early in the year to give them plenty of time to get established. These plants have a great mixture of shapes, textures, and foliage.

The Verbena will give structure and colour and acts as a back drop to rest of the plan, the yuccas will bring an architectural dimension to the scheme, the lambs ears (stachys byzantina) have fantastic slivery green furry foliage that will help to soften the harsh points of the yucca. The Hebe will bring added volume and will provide an interesting contrast against lambs ears and the luscious carpet of delicate pinky-red Erigeron that sweeps its way around the front of the plan. A couple of things to remember when planting your scheme;

  • Add plenty of organic material to location where you are planting. This will be of benefits to all soil types so even if you have great soil it can’t do any real harm.
  • Mulch – I tend to use gravel mixed into the soil to help to retain moisture and keep the plant roots cool.
  • Plant in spring or summer – so now folks- this will give plants the best chance of getting themselves established. A good system is so important for plants that are located in hot, dry areas of your garden.
  • Its important to only use plants that are suitable for location that you are planting in – i know that sounds like common sense but hot dry soil is so tough that some plants will never succeed in it.
  • Lastly – remember to always soak your plants in their pots first before planting the ground, sit in buckets until the bubbles stop then plant away.
How to brighten up a sunny spot

How to brighten up a sunny spot


  1. Verbena bonariensis x 5
  2. Yucca gloriosa x 3
  3. Stachys byzantina x 6
  4. Erigeron karvinskianus x 7
  5. Hebe ‘Red Edge’ x 5

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