What’s this all about?

My name is Richard Lloyd, I’m a successful garden designer and consultant, I’ve had many years of gardening experience which i’d like to share with you. But this isn’t just about ME providing you with information, hints, tips and advice its also about you, yeah thats right, YOU! getting involved.

I’d love to create a community where everyone feels welcome, they can come along post questions and get answers not only from me, but from the community. So help me make this happen – sign up to follow us, leave comments, make suggestions, ask questions basically get involved! You’ll be glad you did.

The type of things that I will posting to get us going are;

There’ll be beautiful thought-out  and well conceived planting plans, that you can use to improve areas within your garden. These might be for shady areas, or to add structure, or to rejuvenate a tired planting bed.

There’ll be ‘how to’ sections, with step by step guides or instructional videos starring yours truly (i know, you are too lucky! ) that will show you exactly what to do.

I’ll be posting reviews on new equipment with road test videos.

and finally you’ll find a discussion section, covering news topics from the world of horticulture. but for this to work it needs you to give your two pence worth!

Richard Lloyd

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