A Contemporary Rural Space

The clients’ initial request was for me to create somewhere that not only had aesthetic appeal, quality, and usability, but it would also provide an area for entertaining guests and relaxing after a hard day’s work. The client was looking for a space that promoted and provided a better quality of life. The client wanted the garden to reflect their personalities and continue the contemporary atmosphere of the newly renovated interior.

The garden was a designers dream, in the sense that it was presented as a blank canvas. The client could also be pigeon holed as ideal too as they really didn’t impose too many limitations or constraints. The only features that the client stipulated a necessity for were; a large secure shed, paved area at opening of the dining room, retaining wall for the existing level change, a boundary fence for the road side elevation of the property.

The design was developed through the careful consideration of the site, which has a prominent level change that would require far too much work to level off. This feature of the landscape required careful thought and a decision was made that this would be utilized to create maximum impact. The level change is home to a decked area that protrudes with a slight over hang onto the garden and pond below providing a terrace for late evening entertainment, and a defined space to sit and relax. The level change is being held in place by a retaining wall  using stone quarried locally and in the same spectrum as the proposed patio area. The decking is then encapsulated by a gravelled area which is home to a sweeping stream and a selection of mixed shrubs and perennials, shade is provided by a stand of 3 compact sliver birch trees that run along the boundary

The design separates the garden using a decked path that cuts through a bank of mixed shrub and perennial planting, the style of which is rather contemporary, it includes blood grasses, hostas and other leafy specimens. The concept of the decked path and the obvious change of direction that the pedestrian experiences whilst on it was purposely slow down the user and give them the opportunity to appreciate the clever planting and the pond that surround them.

The paved area, which is rather large and engulfs all exposed sides of the house, is clean and angular, to ensure unity between the other hard landscape elements within the design. The paving is a contemporary style that perfectly reflects the clients’ interior style and is muted in appearance adequately enough to not detract from the lawns and the neighbouring planting scheme that at some points meet the paving. I wanted the paving to be striking not the main attraction hence the mute palette.

if you would like me to design your garden or if you would just like a consultation then get in contact;

t_0751 966 5324


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